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Safety Equipment

Your one-stop rigging and safety equipment supplier

Safety equipment is fundamental for many labour intensive tasks. This equipment has the potential to protect you against workplace related injuries and accidents when all other safety protocol is observed. Safety equipment also allows you to be able to do work much easier and in most cases it reduces the time taken to do tasks. We recommend that workplaces encourage their staff to undergo intensive training on how to used safety equipment to ensure that the equipment provides as much protection as possible. This also includes fitting and removing the equipment and they should also be made aware as to when to use the equipment and what its limits are.

Even for workplaces that have classified themselves as extremely safe, it is still important to remember that accidents can happen and it’s best to be prepared when they do. We are your one-stop rigging and safety equipment supplier. We have put together a team to source only the best equipment to ensure that we can help to maximize workplace safety. Our selection of tools is so that we can help you find the right tools for any job you may have and that you can carry out the task safely and successfully.

We offer amazing solutions for your workplace that will help you save time on carrying out tasks. We understand the hard work and dedication that goes into construction and mining and we are here to offer plausible equipment at affordable prices. Come into our store today and see the range of safety and rigging equipment we are able to provide you with today. We supply safety and rigging equipment such as webbing slings, endless round slings, chain slings, harnesses, chain blocks, electric hoists, Tirfor winches, steel wire rope, shackles, turnbuckles, beam crawls, chain and much more. We also do temporary and permanent life-line installations.

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