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Rigging Equipment

Phakamisa Industries are proud suppliers of rigging equipment

These days’ working at great heights or lifting and lashing people or instruments are severely dangerous tasks to complete without proper equipment. We at Phakamisa Industries rate safety as critical, therefore we commit to guarantee to the supply of rigging equipment which meets verifiable South African, manufacturing and safety standards, in line with specific requirements.

We strive to exceed our customer’s service expectation, within the allocated time frame and transparently inform all our clients new and existing if we cannot. At Phakimisa we actively strive to engage with our clients in exploring ways to build and enhance long term partnerships and lasting relationships based on quality service, transparency and reliability.

Rigging equipment is fundamental for effective construction work to be carried out to completion. Safety should always be the top priority when it comes to lifting and transporting materials or people from one point to another. Once you have an understanding of the capacities and the limitations of the load it becomes easier to take safety in to consideration.

It’s important to consider your personal safety and the safety of coworkers when working; therefore attending a formal training on how to conduct yourself in the working environment is extremely important. We can also not over emphasis the importance of knowing the limitations of the lifting device

Phakamisa Industries are suppliers of chain & lever blocks, chain & webbing slings, eye nuts & bolts, horizontal & vertical plate grabs and all lifting tackle & rigging equipment. We are the leaders in our industry and supplying you with only the best available materials at all times is what we do best. There are some essential guidelines to follow when using lifting and rigging equipment.

Firstly it is important to determine the proper size, style; length and thickness of the sling needed for the application prior to use- select the sling best suited for the job. Also remember never to tie knots on the slings as they may become problematic to untie. Rigging equipment should never be loaded in excess of its safe working load as this may become extremely dangerous causing the ropes to snap and injure people on the ground.

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