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Phakamisa Industries, the Lifelines and Safety Equipment Manufacturers

Phakamisa Industries, known and trusted for fall arrest equipment manufactured to the SANS and EN Standards, and also supplies and installs the Travsafe horizontal lifeline system. Our equipment is designed to offer you the needed convenience and safety to carry out any task. Our aim is to provide you with the most cost effective anchoring solution best suited to the working application of your worksite and by doing this we want to ensure that work place safety becomes a priority to you as well.

Lifeline installations are a fundamental part of any construction project because they make it easier to get to the hard to reach places and also allow you to safely work from high places with no stable ground under you for support. Working from great height can be dangerous and unsafe but with an efficient life line attached to you this can help you to do the work much quicker and more efficiently- without worrying about safety.

The Travsafe System is a permanent, dual wire rope lifeline system. It is designed to protect users, who are wearing a body harness and shock absorbing safety lanyard, from falls as they traverse the line.

The Travsafe lifeline incorporates two tensioned wire ropes, secured by supports spaced at a maximum interval of 15.2m. Using a traveling anchor point, the lifeline provides an uninterrupted line and can also include curves and corners to suit any application. Our systems are specifically designed for your convenience and we strive to ensure that our equipment offers you a range of features at affordable prices.

The Travsafe Traveler is a traveling anchor point. It attaches to the lanyard and has two jaws that automatically grip the wire rope in case of a fall. During use, the Traveler is captive within the life line system. Traveler options are available, which permit the operator to easily engage and disengage anywhere along the line if required. The Travsafe Traveler has become essential for many contractors and we are more than ready to supply you with this necessary tool that will make sure you and your team is able to do more work in hard to reach places.

We cannot emphasis the point of workplace safety enough. When you work in a safe controlled environment it becomes easy to see accidents before they happen and you can still find an effect way to prevent accidents from happening and save lives in the process. We understand the time, patience and dedication it takes to assemble and construct safe structures and this is why we provide our services to you as your trusted partner to make sure that you are still able to carry out even the impossible acts much safer.

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