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Fall Protection Equipment – Lifelines Suppliers

Premium lifelines suppliers in South Africa, Phakimisa Industries promotes a safe and secure working environment for construction, repair and renovation sites. As a much needed and sought after line of products for those working on roves and up walls, lifelines ensure that your workers are kept safe when scaling a building or working up high.

As the last line between yourself and a great fall, fall protection equipment on site is integral to a safe, protected working environment. Keeping your workers from risk and danger, securing insurance as well as upholding professional standards, trust the premium lifelines suppliers at Phakimisa Industries to provide the safety you need.

Manufactured to SANS and EN standards, this is a brand renowned for its full range of fall arrest equipment, saving lives when things slip out from under you. Not only vertical lines, but horizontal Travsafe lifelines systems as well, keep you held up high, perfect for all construction, maintenance, repair and renovation work. Boasting temporary and permanent rope systems, we are safety equipment suppliers that provide invaluable products to clients around South Africa.

The fantastic dual line Travsafe system is arguably the favourite of the selection, designed to protect workers wearing a harness and safety lanyard. Usually seen across platforms or along high-rise building roves, these sturdy line systems allow for absolute security as you traverse the edge of a roof or skyscraper. The durable duel lifeline system incorporates two tensioned wires that are secured by points strategically, with a maximum of 15.2m space between each support. Utilising a travelling anchor, this design allows for an uninterrupted line spreading over a wider space, and even allows for the lifeline to go around corners and bends where needed – giving workers a wider base from which to work and less time lost in readjusting lines or anchors. A stunning design made to keep you safe, it is of the utmost importance that you invest in products from premium lifelines suppliers rather than take any chances.

With a secure, reliable connecting system in place, the design of these systems allow for efficient adjustments of lines, as well as a jaw system that automatically grips the rope when the user falls suddenly. An effective way to ensure safety at all times, these professional solutions are available from a high quality lifelines supplier in South Africa. Contact Phakimisa today for all your safety, rigging and lifeline needs. Whether for corporate or private uses, these sturdy safety options are sure to stand up to the test and assist you in efficiently getting your job done.

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