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Factors that safety inspectors will check at a construction site

  1. Do workers have a safe route to their place of work?

  2. Is the site fenced and secure so that the general public cannot gain access?

  3. Are members of the public, such as passersby, protected, eg from falling materials, moving machines?

  4. Are traffic routes kept clear and are they well lit?

  5. Do machinery and vehicles have visual and reversing aids fitted where needed?

  6. Is the site tidy and well laid out?

  7. Are appropriate safety signs in place, eg. Traffic routes, authorized personnel, PPE?

  8. Are welfare facilities such as toilets and canteen, adequate and are they kept clean?

  9. Are First Aid Facilities in place and do workers know where to get them?

  10. Have workers been instructed and trained on safe manual handling?

  11. Is appropriate lifting equipment provided forhandling heavy loads; is it suitable for the job, certified and inspected regularly?

  12. Have existing services been identified and protected eg, overhead or buried electricity or gas lines?

  13. Are electrical systems and equipment maintained and frequently inspected by a competent person?

  14. Are collective measures in place to stop workers and objects from falling eg, netting scaffolding?

  15. Are scaffolds inspected at least weekly by a competent person and the results recorded?

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