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A look into why you should use fall arrest blocks when working at height

Phakmisa Industries is at the forefront of providing quality-driven safety equipment that can be utilised in a multitude of industries and applications. We understand the complexities of labour intensive tasks, which are why we are specialists in supplying comprehensive ranges of safety equipment, rigging equipment, fall protection systems as well as lifelines.


Fall arrest blocks can be categorised into fall protection systems available from Phakmisa Industries. In the event that the fall of the braking mechanism malfunctions, the drum that holds the rope or webbing mechanism that is attached to the users harness is engaged and arrests the fall.

The contexts of using the safety harnesses and fall arrest blocks are predominantly used in unique applications for construction, wind energy, traffic, and sewage as well as telecom installations.  The self-retracting fall arrest blocks are specifically designed with vertical applications and horizontally incline applications such a flat roof with a 0.5mm radius.

Recommended components of the fall arrest blocks includes arresters with auto controlled descent, a lifeline length of approximately 9 metres and aluminium double action hooks to avoid cable twisting on the equipment.

At Phakmisa Industries, we provide and distribute safety lanyards with the option of shock absorbing components. This ultimately ensures that the positions are available for restraint from different heights. Safety harnesses are also vital for the lifting capacities of elevations with unreachable components with minimal stability.

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Factors that safety inspectors will check at a construction site

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  2. Is the site fenced and secure so that the general public cannot gain access? more…

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Fall Protection Equipment – Lifelines Suppliers

Premium lifelines suppliers in South Africa, Phakimisa Industries promotes a safe and secure working environment for construction, repair and renovation sites. As a much needed and sought after line of products for those working on roves and up walls, lifelines ensure that your workers are kept safe when scaling a building or working up high.


Use our fall protection systems to protect you in case you fall

We are Safety Equipment Suppliers based in Gauteng and supply our products throughout the country too. We take pride in knowing that we offer the best quality products in town at the most competitive prices. Our presence is felt amongst the most reputed companies in the industry for our excellent service and quality. We supply the best fall protection systems in South Africa.


We are Lifeline manufacturers. We specialize in keeping you safe

We are well renowned and trusted for our range of fall arrest equipment. This equipment is manufactured to the SANS and EN Standards. We supply and install the Travsafe horizontal lifeline system. We are the specialist as Lifeline manufacturers.


We are suppliers of fall protection equipment – Use us to protect yourself

Phakamisa Industries is a leader in the fall protection equipment industry. We supply excellent quality products at the best possible prices. We have an extensive range of safety equipment and below we have listed a few.


We are the only Rigging resource you will ever need

When you planning any rigging exercise you want to make sure that you have a partner that you can trust to provide and service you with rigging equipment for as long as possible. It is not just about supplying our clients with the rigging equipment but we will provide you with the training you need to get the most out of our products.


Why wear a harness and safety rope

our personal safety is of utmost importance at any point in time. It is vital to take positive action to remain safe. Some ways to do this is by avoiding unsafe actions, following Health and Safety guidelines and wearing the appropriate protective equipment.


Reasons to use our safety and rigging equipment

When you are trying to select the right rigging and safety equipment for your company the well- being of your employees is of utmost importance. You need a partner who will put your needs first. Your partner must guarantee the highest quality rigging and safety equipment at the best possible price.


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