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5 ways of maintaining your Rigging Equipment

It is not only about service – Ignoring industrial rigging can cost you money in unexpected downtime, replacement parts and equipment failure over the lifecycle of your rig. To help you avoid accidents and unexpected costs, here are some key tips to keep your rigging equipment in good running condition.

  • Create checklists


It can mean a little extra work, but creating a checklist of the things you need to look for will help your maintenance be more productive and easier in the future. Checklists will make each inspection a lot quicker.

  • Check lubrication


This is a step thats usually overlooked as workers look for major flaws and defects. Inspect your wire ropes, replace dry ropes, ensure everything is properly lubricated, and be careful when cleaning wire ropes not to overdo it: you dont want to remove the lubricant.

  • Check for loose bolts and rivets


Because this is a universal problem, it can be overlooked while you work through your checklist. Always have an eye looking over the bolts and rivets. Anything looking even slightly loose should be dealt with immediately.

  • Cracked paint, oil levels, scheduled oil changes, rust – these can be easy to overlook, youre looking at the big picture. Dont forget the small things, right down to checking for elongation of pin holes in the end attachment devices, such as an open wedge sockets and swage sockets. Those pin holes should not be more than 1/8.


  • Load tests


Conduct a load test with each inspection. This will depend on the kind of equipment youre maintaining and the standards that must be followed. Generally speaking, with a crane, a long radius load test using weights at 100% capacity is appropriate. The boom should be 50 degrees above horizontal. 

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